Support & Training

To kick start and keep growing your business

Winning new business, managing client projects and directing creative elements – that’s the day-to-day of Nettl.

What can Nettl teach you?

Training Courses

Whether you’re an experienced web designer or a total beginner, Nettl provide you and your team with a series of training webinars that start with the basics and become more advanced as your skills are enhanced. Training links all the features of Nettl’s clever systems and putting them into practice so you can sell, design and launch beautiful responsive websites for your customers.

Sales Training Course Modules

These courses are designed to teach you the basics of the Nettl software and give you the tools to be able to get out and start selling websites. Each course can take between 1-2 hours.

System Overview



Pricing, Budget and taking a design brief

Proposals & Projects

Website Training Course Modules

These courses are designed to teach you the basics of the Nettl software and give you the tools to be able to get out and start selling websites. Each course can take between 1-2 hours.

These courses will ensure a designer has enough knowledge in order to get started building a site.

Digital Literacy

Intro to websites with Nettl

Intro to BRAMBL

Intro to WordPress

After this round of courses a designer will have the knowledge to be able to create great functional WordPress and Brambl sites, set up the Google basics for customers and publish a site online

Brambl Ecommerce

Design a website in WordPress

Intro to Google Tools

Go live with your website

For the more advanced designers once they have a number of sites under their belt this will allow extra services around Google analytics and marketing to be offered as well as WordPress features to be done in-house.

Advanced WordPress


Advanced Google Tools

Intro to HTML & CSS

These courses will finish off the skills of any web designer using WordPress.

Website Transfers

Multi Sites

Advanced WooCommerce


Nettl Geeks are your secret web weapon

Technical Support

To keep your investment down and overheads low, Nettl partners start out small – most likely just you and your graphic designer.
Nettl Geeks provide top level technical support to augment Nettl partners’ businesses. The Geeks help Nettl partners in a number of ways.



Geeks lay down the Fast Paths, establishing simple ways to deliver websites from beginning to end and everything in between. That means your business can add more value, be more creative and generate more revenue.

Nettl Geeks help with parts of client projects beyond your in-house teams skill set or know how. Of course, being able to offer more complex solutions than you can do in-house means greater scope to generate increased sales.

As a Nettl partner you’ll also access our ‘Geek Channel’ – a dedicated discussion tool specifically built for helping out with support queries. These could be as simple as fiddling with CSS, through to complex integration questions. The Nettl community can help with the best course of action or point to solutions we’ve already documented.

Saving time makes money

Fastpaths & Surgeries

To support you in creating websites, Nettl provide you with 1000’s of Fastpaths – visual step-by-steps guides that show you how to complete a particular part of a website design build, such as integrations, plugin additions or simply putting a website live.
Surgeries are quick how-to videos created by your Geek team showing you how to navigate and use different parts of the Nettl system.

Online and Offline

Marketing to help you sell

Nettl provides you with a mix of online and offline marketing collateral that you download and brand as you see fit. We have a wide range of leaflets, catalogues, facebook adverts (and much, more more) all designed to help you sell web to your current and potential customers or target specific industries like restaurants, cafés and hairdressers to address their specific website needs.

But wait, there’s more!

Nettl Features

Nettl simplifies the world of web and creates a profitable revenue stream for your small business. Nettl, it’s a business solution of software, technical support, training, marketing and back office systems. Nettl allows you to focus on doing what you love whilst making the most of your internal graphic design resource.

Clever Systems

Easy Websites


Don’t just take our word for it

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