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Nettl of Dunedin

Hello, I’m Paul


How would you describe your business before Nettl?

We were initially a branch and made the decision to expand on our website sales which were being extremely profitable.

What was your main reason for joining Nettl?

Becoming a Nettl was very appealing as it provided the branch with a whole new product and service channel and the opportunity to learn and develop new skillsets.

Who would play you in the Nettl movie?

Kermit the frog

What challenges were you looking to solve?

Satisfy more customer needs (previously print only), create a more attractive place to work and expand the areas we could see future growth in.

How has Nettl changed your business?

Every year has experienced growth and the outlook is VERY positive. Customers now view us more as partners as opposed to suppliers.

What has been your most interesting project?

We have had so many interesting projects. One that springs to mind is To and Christine who own a small Cylinder Testing firm in Dunedin. Originally they were just looking for some job cards and maybe some business cards. We quickly figured out that their business was facing some serious market challenges and really needed to reinvent itself and begin to approach the changing market.

We started off with a marketing plan which included market research of existing customers. This uncovered the need for a branding exercise including logo, vehicle branding and building signage which we provided and /or designed.

We then designed and produced some business cards and flyers along with a website.

The marketing plan also highlighted some opportunities for growth and we assisted in preparing tender responses and proposals identified in line with these opportunities.

The business has turned a corner and begun to grow. They have won a major contract and we are currently assisting Tony and Christine with recruiting the right staff.

This really fits into our “why” in that it embodies our desire to help small Otago businesses have access to professional marketing products and services

What’s your weirdest client request?

We have had a few weird customers and requests!

We recently had one where a customer didn’t want to upset their web provider so asked if we could redesign their website (they heard we were good designers) and just provide a PDF so that they could pass onto their web providers.

“Every year has experienced growth and the outlook is VERY positive”

What’s the best thing about Nettl?

Nettl branding is awesome – its draws customers in… But the best thing is the Nettl community.

There is always someone in the network of Nettls that can answer your question, solve your problem or has been down the path you’re heading

How did your team react to Nettl?

Our team has doubled in size since we became a Nettl studio two years ago. The whole team is invested in the brand and Nettl family and very proud of who we are.

Nettl has re-invented us as a micro agency and moved us into an environment that is in a continual state of flux. We are always trying out new things and that keeps us interested and busy.

What challenges have you had with Nettl?

Coming from a print only history – we had to learn a lot in a short period of time. It was hard work but so worth the effort.

How has Nettl helped you grow?

We are now able offer so much more to our customers and prospects. Nettl has provided a safety net for us as we have gone through rapid change.

Nettl continues to develop systems for aspects of the business that need processes. That makes it easy to follow changes and feel comfortable that as long as we follow the steps everything will run smoothly for our clients.

Want to know more?

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