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Nettl of Cambridge

Hello, we’re Billy and Jake


How would you describe your business before Nettl?

We were a print agency. We offer our clients a full range of print, display and exhibition printing sourced from a national trade supplier. Our business was dominant in Cambridge. We’d get our clients the best prices and we’d do some graphic design work for our favourite clients too.

What inspired you to join Nettl?

We wanted to survive and grow. We saw the print shop apocalypse coming, we saw clients go online, and we knew that to maintain our cream, and margin, we’d need to diversify our services to fill the profit gap.

Who would play you in Nettl the Movie?

I think I’d be Jason Statham because I like to be all action, both in and out of work, and Jake would be Daniel Craig. He already thinks he is cooler but I’m yet to see compelling evidence of that.

What challenges were you looking to solve?

The start of a new business journey used to be to get business cards and flyers. We were the go-to place. We saw that start to change. Now the first thing that new business wants is a fancy website. For us to win the client right at the start, we needed to lead with websites. Once we did that we could then introduce them to our range of print services. Finding a way to start doing web, and then seemlessly market ongoing print, and display work, was the way we wanted to grow our business.

How has Nettl changed your business?

We’ve been able to market to more people and win more clients. We added around £30k of websites in our first year, but as a print agency owner, I really embrace the ink on fabric range. Nettl is more than web, it’s print, display and exhibitions too. Marketing the exhibition range brought us revenue of £28k just from our existing client base.

What has been your most interesting project?

We’ve done lots of great projects but our favourite has been an ecommerce site for a track day provider. We only had two weeks to create a fully working e commerce website where visitors could book a track session at our clients venue. The client has seen their monthly sales double via the site since we launched it 3 months ago.

“Nettl training and systems help us deliver projects at a rate of around 5 websites per month”

What’s your weirdest client request?

We were asked to build an ecommerce site for a Sex Shop. They wanted to sell their products and services online.

At the Nettl bar what’s your drink of choice?

We’ll both have pints please, with a jager bomb chaser. Can I have one with a sparkler in it, for Jake please?

How have your clients reacted to Nettl?

They love it. We introduced the new partnership slowly and clients love hearing about our story, and our new services.

What’s the best thing about Nettl?

Firstly the support of the geeks, Jake and I had no prior web experience and we’re now creating websites to the same level as the top 5 agencies in Cambridge. (Ours are better, of course).

What other options were you considering?

We’d looked at Sign writing, but the barriers to entry were high, and we saw signage in Nettls’ plans so it was a no-brainer.

How has Nettl training helped you grow?

As novices, we found that it taught us the basics in a structured way. We’ve built on that knowledge with every website we do. The geek channel is also a breath of fresh air, it saves us hours of ‘googling’ to find that answer that we need to complete a task.

“Diversifing our services helped our print business survive and grow”

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